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The Final Stretch

The MSH Annual Scientific Meeting was due to start in 5 days time and we were heading for the final stretch now. There were still last minute issues mainly on the technical side. It looks like I would be doing some tech stuff during the meeting to make sure everything would run smoothly.

To add to that, I would still be on call today. Praying that it would not be too busy as it would carry over for the next few days. I can see myself running around doing chores in the next few days. Hopefully things would be quiet by then.

Emails and letters had been the things which kept me occupied in the last few weeks and days. Once all were done and the meeting over, hopefully I could get some time off. Do a bit of photography perhaps ...

Praying that the meeting would be a successful one.

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All Planned Out

I may have pulled out the short straw. But it was something which needed to be done. I was asked to organise the upcoming Malaysian Society of Haematologist Scientific Meeting for 2018 and I felt that one day I would be organising it like many other before me.

We do the meeting every year alternating between Kelang Valley and elsewhere. It was JB in 2017. I remember my first such meet in 2004. It was held at Marriott Putrajaya, which was secluded compared to how it is today where the IOI Mall sat next to it. It was barren back then.

The first order of business was to book the venue. Again, it would be the newly renovated Shangri-La KL, as it was a couple of years back. I surveyed a few other spots but none had the same facility as Shangri-La and it was at a right price.

Then came the team. And this would be a good one. My mates were helping out and now we were just waiting for the sponsors and registration to come in. Still plenty needed to be organised but I'm quietly confident that it would turn out OK. Although I am fully expecting more grey hairs by the time April comes.

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