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Exciting Times

Another 2 days. Then it would be another public holiday, but this one would be like no other. It is going to be the public holiday for the 14th General Election #GE14.

I will be voting in Bukit Antarabangsa as usual, plannng to finish my rounds super early and be at the polling station by 10 when the first wave of people were done with their voting.

My Mum would be there as well as Julia, but Mum would get a special lane as “warga emas”. She would not be canvassing like she did in the past election. In fact, she was getting worried about the way the country was heading as well.

The mood in town and work place had definitely changed. People seemed more optimistic. There might not be a change of Government at the end of the day, but the messgae from the Rakyat seemed to be loud and clear. The statements coming out from the ruling party did not help matters as well. They seemed rooted from the 80s. Same old tactics. Same old excuses.

From the seat at the balcony ...You can find me here as the results come trickling in ...The Internet certainly helped disseminate information more readily. There was no need to pay for the bandwidth. Only one party who paid for adverts and all it did was made me wonder what their strategies were. Listening to the mainstream TV also did not help. Lopsided reporting with poor journalism making me cringe everytime I switched TV3 at 8 pm - or at any time for that matter.

We crave news and an open mass media would be something worth fighting for no matter who would be ruling. We live in an information age and the more we were curbed, the more mistrust there will be.

With Tun M promising Thursday and Friday would also be public holidays should he become the next Prime Minister, even my boys got excited. “Will I get 3 days off Daddy?”, Idlan asked. Bless him. The country definitely needs a change. For the sake of the next generation ...

I will be spending the rest of Wednesday hooked up to the net barring any disaster. The calendar for Thursday morning was also quite light - something I planned. I will be on the sofa at my balcony, enjoying the breeze out in the open. Hopefully with that, it would be a wind of change. In shaa Allah.

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