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Back to Business

Things were slowly picking up after almost the whole of KL stood still following a super-long weekend post-election. The road were pretty empty in the morning and I did not have to make any school runs. On the domestic front, my father-in-law had also been discharged.

Anita had been busy sorting him out in Gombak and she was clearly tired in the evening. I had taken a couple of days off to celebrate the start of Ramadhan, although I still do my morning rounds.

I had some paperwork to complete during those days off, rounding off my stuff for the MSH Meeting. I also had to do some shopping and sorting out the bills. I wouldn’t mind doing some shopping for Raya as well while I was at that!

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It had been three days. And I had been seeing many patients, using the alcohol handrub after most of the encounters.

Clearly it did something to the ink on my finger. It had flaked off and fading away even at the nails.

I doubt that the drama would have finished when the ink was gone. Ramadhan coming, but that won’t stop me from having some popcorns in the evenings ...

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A New Dawn

The buzz was still in the air. The couple of days of holidays certainly contributed to the festive feeling as the roads were empty . Unfortunately it was business as usual for me. In fact I had a full clinic, was on call plus had a stem cell infusion during those break.

My father-in-law had also been taken ill and was admitted at IJN. The news was he was improving and was catching up with the news from his hospital bed.

There were still drama going on at the State Government level. Quite a spectacle seeing these politicians being disloyal to their old party and showing their true colours. But the important thing would be the Prime Minister. Tun M had been sworn in and hopefully the cabinet would be up and running in the coming weeks.

Time to settle down for Ramadhan ...

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Swearing In

This event was important at so many level. It had to be done soon, otherwise there mught be blood shed in the streets. The tension was getting palpable as the delay was evident.

Relief was the best word to describe my feeling after seeing Tun M finally being sworn in. There was joy in the air. The mood was optimistic.

Tun M looked weary after the event was completed. The old man could do with a rest. He still has plenty on his plate I was sure, but he needed to slow down.

There were still plenty of uncertainty at the state level. There were candidates who had jumped ship joining Pakatan Harapan, further strengthening its position.

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The Rig

As it was in the past election, I kept a close eye on the results as they trickle in. Rather than wait to hear it on mainstream channels, social media was the way to go.

My Mac Pro were rigged to them allowing me to blast the reports through twitter and facebook as they came in.

I used a multi-column tweetdeck app to monitor twitter with keywords and mentions, while another screen scour the RSS feeds using feedly and of course facebook though the web browser.

Stock for the night ...I had instagram on the phone and to disseminate my tweets, I used tweetcaster pro, which allowed me to simultaneously post on both twitter and facebook with just one click. I ended up usign the phone to send out posts attached to a bluetooth physical keyboard allowing me to type fast and post ont the fly.

The disappoinitng thing was how slow it took for the results to reach us. SPR really let us down - and Karim Raslan really had a go on live TV - and it was bordering on frustration. Once the results started to come in, it was evident that the then opposition were gaining ground.

SPR optimistically - and somewhat arrogantly - promised that the results would be done and dusted by 10 pm, but it was not to be. When Tun Mahathir came live on the air at around 1.30 am putting pressure on the commission, then finally things were moving.

Clearly the Chairman was unprepared with the shift that night and since there were plenty of results not going as expected, they had to do more checks and recounts. This raised the suspicion of the so-called “black magic” which were rife in previous elections. The Chairman also had to answer the question on why the voters who came earlier that 5 pm were not allowed to vote despite queueing for hours before to get to the room. He simply did not hvae the details and looked stunned. There were also an imbalance in the number of voters paired with centers with clearly they had too many voters than they could cope.

Karim Raslam really went mental after elarning that Tony Pua had a majority of more than 100,000. Clearly there were just too many voters at the constituency.

Almost out of kuaci .... but many of the results were still pendingThe results were more or less confirmed by 3 am and despite the tally was not ready for Sabah, I had to call it the night. I was already tired from my tons of posts and reply. Suffice to say that it was an interesting night and the rig worked like a charm ....

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