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I-City, I-like

My flickr friends have been advocating a visit to I-City for quite some time. A couple of years ago, a group of them went, but unfortunately, I had a prior engagement at the time and had to give it a miss. A couple of days ago, I came across a photo of the place and showed it to Anita, and she and the boys went all excited. So, came the weekend, we asked if my sister, Julia, wanted to take here family along, and she agreed. So, off we went last Saturday evening, all packed into my minivan.

As it was right in the middle of the school holidays, the place was really packed. We decided to go there early, got our parking ticket, but was told by the attendant that food inside the area was rather expensive. W then decided to turn back and went for dinner at Sekinchan Ikan Bakar. What. Should have done was got ourselves the best parking spot, visit one of the many restaurants in the compound, waiting for the sunset.

But once we arrived late and got settled in, we were mesmerised by the symphony of light on offer. The children were in awe of what on offer, Irfan of course had my LX-3 on the ready and started snapping away as well as posing for photos. The venue was huge, and with the children on tow, it was not possible to visit the whole park that evening. By the time we orientat ourselves, the place was already jam packed with visitors. We decided to just stay at one general area and enjoy the lights. In the end, we spend more than an hour, until the children were tired. Irfan was excited with the camera and did not want go home.

The photos I had on this blog did not do justice however with what on show. The were also welding going on all around as a monorail system was being installeed around the park. That would be a nice way to travel around the venue, while enjoying the lights at a different vantage points. There was also a giant screen - it was showing Star Sports that evening for people to congregate at. Parking was situated all around the park, with the attraction being smack in the middle. The central area was also lined up with shops and restaurant - there was a KFC joint there as well as 7-Eleven. we did not have the chance to venture to a small staging area as well as a cold tent - apparently with snow. Maybe we give that a go on another day.

The evening we went out was one of those perfect storm for crowds. The weather have been hot and sunny all day, but was breezy at the same time, so the muggy evening was very bearable. Then, there was the two-weeks school holidays, and that evening sat right in the middle of that - a Saturday at that as well. We were expecting a big crowd to be quite honest.

All in all, it was a great night out for the family. Parking was aplenty, although rather disorganised - more on that later. There were plenty of area to venture into, and I suggest that rather than try to get through everywhere, you should just concentrate on one area - the big field in the middle of park would be a good bet. And the most important advice would be, do not come without a camera!

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