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The New Viaduct

Saw this now famous photo from yesterday afternoon on the Interweb. Unfortunately I couldn't tell who I should credit it to. But I was caught behind this. I was halfway up the ramp when I had to stop and turn back. It was pouring down yesterday, and I planned to escape early as Tuesdays were supposed to be my free afternoon.

It was sunny until about 2 pm. And then the it became suddenly dark and heavens opened. And it was torrential! I managed to get things sorted out and was about to leave the hospital at 4, when the road started to become waterlogged.

I made a U-turn to go up the ramp to join NKVE, when I had to stop halfway up. Apparently some poor soul had his car caught in the water, and despite efforts to free him up, the engine stalled.

A few makeshift traffic wardens the helped clear the traffic for us to reverse back onto the main road, and put up signs to stop people from entering the ramp.

For the last week, since it started raining heavily in the afternoon, that stretch of the bridge had been clogged with water. It was due to the rubbish wing strewn onto the road, and blocking the drainage. But it was still funny to see the ramp tubes into a viaduct!

I hope that the MPSJ folks would clear the drain fast as that stretch was one o the main artery road feeding into either the NKVE or Federal Highway. As for me, I better not take that ramp the next time it rained .....

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