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Rainy Hazard

Peak hour traffic in the heavy rain was never fun. There might be water logged road, slow traffic and slick driving surface. There is another hazard in Lembah Kelang however especially on the highways.


They smart danger in clearest of weather but during rain, they tended to stop as a group under shades of bridges. This morning, they occupied the two left lanes along Federal Highway under a few of the bridges as I was making my way to work.

It happened on both sides of the road ...This created extra jam as the lanes were practically closed. Imagine if you were driving fast having to apply your brakes on such atrocious conditions.

Federal Highway has their own motorcycle lanes but they were not well maintained and tended to be closed at areas where constructions were going on - which in KL meant everywhere! Ten year back, motorcycles were banned on rolled inner city highways. But the ban had been lifted since. They use the highway for free and weaving in-between the fast lanes will create problem.

A few months back there we're mbps ends where a car ploughed into this crowd of cyclists causing a few deaths. I guessed the lessons were never learned ... I am not campaigning that they were banned again but a solution must be found and the way I see it, they need a dedicated lane for themselves as well as proper shade stops during rain. Good luck to that ...

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Heavy Downpour

This is the stuff of nightmare during Ramadan. Late afternoon rain and flash flooding. That was what exactly we had this afternoon.

Anita was stuck at Bangsar Village buying groceries and food for berbuka. She was not able to get into the car and had to wait in the mall. When the rain finally let, the traffic were building up. It took her half an hour to get back to the apartment which was only less than a couple of kilometres away. Such was how bad the traffic was.

I was lucky since I was able to get out of the hospital early although I got stuck in heavy rain along the highway. It could have been worse ...

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A Different Start

No work this morning, and both myself and Idlan didn’t get a good sleep last night. After dinner last night, I went out to McDonald’s with Idlan for some fries, but ended up not able to sleep early.

It was past midnight when Idlan finally slept and I had to miss my football match as well because of that. Then came the kicker. My phone rang at 3 am as the switchboard in Park City did not know that I was on leave. Since I was based in SJMC, the message did not get through somehow. I could not get to bed again after that.

I caught up with the United-Liverpool match highlights before finally able to sleep again. But 2 hours later, I had to get up once more since I promised to drive Idlan to school.

It had been raining all morning and halfway there, we saw an accident on the opposite lane. That would mean that my drive back home would be a nightmare. And so it proven to be.

I cringed when I saw this ...I decided to spend the morning with the Internet at Starbucks near Idlan’s school. Hopefully traffic would ease off somewhat after the rush hour .... Anita would be at home since the cabinet contractor would start some work again this morning. Another 3 weeks, and everything should hopefully be sorted out ...

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It Will Rain

I managed to find some time to give my baby a wash, but as usual it would definitely rain later on in the day. In fact, the weather didn't look too clever even now.

Fingers crossed...

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Bad Evening Traffic 

I managed to leave the hospital early this afternoon. And it was just as well. Anita left Gombak later than usual and was caught in a bad jam. Combination of people rushing home in time for berbuka plus the rain made for the huge build up.

To make matters worse, Anita got a call from school when Idlan was at his extra class. He was feeling feverish and started being dizzy. His friends to help him by getting him some drinks and bringing him some biscuits. In the end he asked for the teacher to call Anita.

That was before the rain. By the time Anita was approaching Bangsar, he was feeling sicker and finally vomited. He felt better after that but it was another 30 minutes before he reached home.

The traffic just got worse after that and I was lucky that I wasn't called back to the hospital before berbuka. The traffic only improved at around 8 pm, when the rain finally stopped.

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