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And It Was Done

It was a longer wait than expected, and should I need to apply or the visa again I would be sure to arrange for earliest appointment. Even though I was slotted for 10am, it was more or less first come first served basis.

I arrive at the embassy 45 minutes before the appointment time, queued up for security and then again for my number. Then I was called to hand in my passport, and my photographs were taken away then.

10 minutes later, my fingerprints were taken. And waiting for the third time to be called was the longest. It was close to an hour, but at least the TV was on. We weren't allowed electronic devices or phones, so that was may be the reason I felt the wait was longer.

The third time I was called was for the interview. Very direct and to the point. I stated the reason for going, and after a few more questions, I was told my visa was being approved.

Since it was Friday today, I would be able to pick up my passport with the visa stamp on Monday afternoon. Looking at my schedule, it would likely be Wednesday morning for me.

All in all, it was not a problem at all. The staff there were courteous and we were informed every step of the way what was going to happen next, which makes a lot of difference. Even the local security staff employed by the Embassy seemed to be nicer than your typical jaga. They must be paid well then I supposed LOL.

So, I guessed I could start packing then ......

More on my Atlanta trip here.

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