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Travel Entry Update

Since I kept getting called from the ward - a few ill patients last night - I decided to stay up a bit longer than usual. I actually ended up updating my links on my previous overseas travel.

I only managed to work on the Atlanta trip - which turned out generating quite a few links. There were entries from applying for the visa right up to returning to Malaysia and headed straight for multiple on calls. The highlights for the trip must be my first time in the A380. Atlanta was not much of a draw unfortunately.

The Kyoto trip has yet to be patched up yet. That would probably come in later. Hopefully I could make as many updates in my trip next week to Lugano. I had bought some travel books in preparation for the trip, looking forward to leaving next Monday evening.

But for now, I had to cover one of my senior colleagues who was away on conference leave in Stockholm. Extra work for me from the looks of things, but hopefully I could have some rest after that.

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Georgia Aquarium Slideshow

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World of Coca Cola Slideshow

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Atlanta Street Slideshow

Since I had been mulling over where to post the slideshows, I might as well mirror it directly into the blog. This would make navigation more straightforward and motivate me to get the captions in as well.
More on the Atlanta trip here.
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Three Calls

I was definitely showing my age. But to do three calls within a week and a half upon returning from the US was certainly tiring. The first call went OK since I was still riding on the adrenaline of the trip to Atlanta. But the fatigue hit me hard on the day right after my second day on call.

By the time I recovered, it was already time for another call. So, here I was, on Xmas day on a post call day attending a cousin's wedding. I then babysat my boys at my Mum's place at Bukit Antarabangsa while Anita had a couple of hours of shopping time with my sister, Julia. I was really feeling tired now .... But at least, the three calls were the ones due for me this month. My next on call day would be in more than two weeks time.

So, I was looking forward to a couple days of light clinics and rounds. I would be traveling down to Muar for another wedding after my Saturday morning clinic later this week. I really could do with some down time just with Anita and the kids. Let's drink to that then ....... And for some extra time to update my blogs.

More on my Atlanta trip here.

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