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Cousin's Wedding at Istana Bambu

The weather was unforgiving tonight. This to a certain extend put a dampener to my cousin's wedding reception. A lot of guests turned up late, due to the combination of poor driving condition, and difficulty of finding the venue.

The reception was held at Restoran Istana Bambu, a Malay restaurant with a twist. The whole place was build up from bamboo, from the structures to the decor. Even the pelamin was made of bamboo. An open area, with small little eating areas in huts, where the patron would sit on the floor to enjoy their meal. A novel concept.

My sister had been there before, during daytime and better weather and attested to how good the place was. But for this evening's event, the food lacked selection, and being a buffet format, the spread was limited.

Anyhow, the ceremony pressed on on time despite the heavy downpour. Nice ambiance, but I didn't know that many guests as the majority were my cousin's work colleague. I went there with my sister and Dad. Anita was feeling under the weather. I didn't mingle for too long, and had to return to the hospital as a couple of patients came to Casualty that evening. The rain slowed down by the time we left.

I may visit the place again at some point. The restaurant was located by MRR2, but getting there was a bit tricky. One has to take the Keramat roundabout off MRR2, take the 5 o'clock exit if you were coming from Ampang. Unfortunately the place was not blessed with signposts however.

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Reader Comments (1)

Oh I really love the theme of the wedding of your cousin. :)

December 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterZonia Hizon

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