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A Quick Trip to Penang

Traditionally, I would make a trip up to Penang each year before Ramadhan. To visit relatives or at least sample the food. This year I had another excuse, as one of my cousins was getting married.

We only stayed one night, with only Anita and I travelling. We stayed in Seberang Perai where the wedding was held. I only left KL after work, managing to reach the hotel before 10 pm.

I had a relaxing evening, enjoying a long breakfast the next morning as the wedding started only at noon. My Mum, sister and Aunt came to join us at the wedding hall soon after as they were staying in Sungai Petani and travelled separately.

My Mum coming with my brother-in-lawThe pelaminBunga telurThe wedding was nice and I got to meat plenty of my relatives. The topic of conversation was definitely politics. In fact, one of the local candidate turned up as he was a friend of my Uncle. After lunch and the bersanding, we decided to cross to Penang for some laksa and “sotong kangkung”.

Traffic was surprisingly light. Enjoued the food, brought some for my mother-in-law in KL as we would be leaving straight from Penang. We stayed at Padang Kota for the food, before setting of, reaching KL at around 9 pm.

One of my AuntExchanging contactsThe happy coupleWe decided to take the small Perodua instead as the MPV’s battery went dead before we left. The car was surprisingly light and relaxing to drive and despite taking our time and making a few stops, we still got back to KL in plenty of time.

We planned to spend Hari Raya in Penang, so staying just a single night was not a big deal. We got to meet everybody at the wedding anyway.

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Sunday Wedding

It was more of a reunion of sort with Idlan's former classmates from kindergarten attending a wedding of one of his friend's brother. Being held at Dewan Perdana Felda, it was a place all of us were familiar with. And being a Sunday, I was actually able to make it on time .... Amazing!

Idlan meeting his buddiesGreat food and company although I was still feeling rough recovering from the bug. It was a colourful event and one of Idlan's buddies actually followed us home afterwards ...

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Late as Usual

Saturday afternoons were always a bad time for me. My clinic tended to finish late and there were always patients which needed seeing after lunch, before I leave the hospital for the day. By the time I was done, it was usually after 3 pm. I tended to either have lunch at the hospital or take Anita out for a late lunch.

Saturday afternoon were also popular times for weddings. It usually ran until 4 pm, and it was almost customary that we showed up the last half an hour. With that, sometimes we had no food left. That created a dilemma for me. I usually had to content with what I had for breakfast until we leave the kenduri if that was the case.

The happy coupleAs a rule, I seldom confirm that I would be coming when the wedding was on Saturday afternoon. It was just not worth the hassle. I would only go if the hosts were aware that I would be arriving late.

Last Saturday was one of those occasion. It was a wedding of one of my Mum's friend's daughter and Anita was keen to go. I had no choice. I finally made it home at around 2.30 and rushed over to the wedding venue across town. It was the new Menara Felda this time. Luckily the traffic was light and the parking system was straight forward. I was already staring at the food by 3.30pm. Made it just in time.

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Wedding at the Marina

Last weekend, Syahril invited us to attend his sister’s wedding. It was a two-day event, the Saturday being the akad nikah as well as aqiqah for his daughter, followed by a reception on the Sunday. I was stuck at work on the Saturday and was not able to go. However, we were able to join them for the reception.

The reception was held at a new restaurant at Marina Putrajaya called Bora Ombak. We were quite familiar with the Bora Ombak branch in Ampang, but this was the first time we were at the new outlet. It was a decent-sized hall, catered for wedding right at the marina offering a great vista of the beautiful surrounding.

Some advert for the place ...The pelamin"Forever starts today"Gamelan is readyBeing Putrajaya, access from KL was straight-forward and the venue offered ample parking. I had been there a few times - before the outlet was open - to fly my drone before.

The food was great and we got ourselves a great spot at one corner of the hall. Since we left the boys at home, we were able to enjoy the food and the occasion without worrying about them.

It was full houseSyahril making sure everything was in orderAnita also wanted to get her photos done at the boothThe happy couple cutting cakeSpeech from the father of the bride ....A great day out actually and the unique venue offered a new perspective. It was a hall best used for daytime event as the natural light coming through the large glass windows really spurred up the place.

The marina was located right next to Pullman Putrajaya, and Syahril and his family actually spent the evening there. Not a bad place to hold a reception actually .....

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Precision Wedding 

I have been to plenty of wedding and when it comes to Malay weddings, they could either at home - which usually takes place during the afternoon - or at a hall, which often held at night. The ones at the halls, were either buffet or a sit down affair. And the problem I faced had always been about the waiting involved, and it got worse when we had kids on tow.

So, it was refreshing to attend a wedding where one were sat down in a hall, food were served at the table and it started and ended on time.

One such affair was last evening, when I attended the wedding of one of my senior colleague's son. It was held at Sime Darby Convention Centre and the whole event were done by 10 sharp! It was not to say that the event was boring, but everything just ran like clockwork. Even the VIP arrived on time and the speeches were succinct - especially from the erudite Oxford-educated best man - plus they had a house band performing which could actually sing!

Food was also great! And even the people I shared the table with were great company. I really couldn't complaint. Unfortunately Anita couldn't make due to some home and baby-sitting issues. Toasting for more wedding such as this one!

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