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Run Out

No proper Sunday afternoon should go without taking the kids out, and heavy rain with nowhere to take them to. Well, that was what happened yesterday. So much for a Sunday afternoon eh?

Idlan has exams coming up tomorrow, and we wanted him to go out for some fresh air. Initially we set out to Pavilion for lunch, but it was packed. I was not able to get a parking spot. We turned back. And headed out to Solaris instead.

Lunch was at B.I.G. A nice simple one. But as long as we had pizza, we were OK. Pizza and salad. And hot coffee. Anita and myself had our lunch earlier.

By the time lunch was done, the rain subsided. A quick rush to Tasik Perdana and off we set out to the park. It only lasted about 20 minutes before the sky turned dark again. We made it back to the van just in time before it started pouring again. But the 20 minutes might just be enough as the place was empty. They had the chance to play with the swings and things. No need to wait for anything.

So, we reached home by about 5. The day was still early but decided to turn in early with the exams on Monday. Went to bed extra early and when I got up this morning at 6, the boys were already waking up. A good start for the week. Happy Monday all.

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