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Sunday at B.I.G.

The B.I.G. - Ben's Independent Grocer - at Solaris Dutamas was an imposing store at so many level. It was located on the Lower Ground, and one could never miss it.

We could spend the whole afternoon at the place alone. There were rows of groceries, plus a couple of nice cafe to sit at to pass the time - code for husbands to sit down while the wives were doing the shopping.

We sat down at the cafe yesterday to have lunch. The food was OK. The lasagna and pizza were great, but the salad not really. In fact it was rather disappointing. It was meant to be a Mediterranean el fresco twist to it, but fallen miserably short.

Sitting for lunchThe salad was not really nice at allThe lasagna however was superbLet's ask what Irfan thought of the pizza .... self explanatory ........ and the mocha was not badAfter lunch, my boys went berserk at the grocers. Especially the more domesticated Irfan. He kept piling up the baskets with all sorts of food. Idlan couldn't care less. Everything was clearly and well laid out. And the other plus about the place was the majority of the staffs there were locals. Communications was easy. The butcher however was Australian .... which was a bit strange.

I wonder what that big "B" was doing in the middle of the aisleDefinitely a place to visit. A nice place to spend Sunday lunch, if you have some groceries to do.

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