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World of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola was invented by a local Atlanta Pharmacist and Atlanta is proud of that. The company still maintained its headquarters in the City. And the much-talked about secret recipe is purportedly kept in a box inside a vault at the headquarter building in the outskirts of town. Only two people have access to the secret, and each of them only knew half of the formula. Or, that was what the legend said.

In the middle of town, the Company set up a museum. They called it The World of Coca-Cola. Attempt had been made to have similar displays in Las Vegas and Tokyo in the past, but those exhibit were closed due to lack of support. But the chapter here had been going strong.

Even the polar bear was thereThe old delivery methodThe original museum was located in a different part of town and the current purpose-built complex was only opened last year.

The first part of the exhibit was a gentle introduction into the celebrated history of Coca-Cola by way of multimedia presentation and as well as direct introduction. The next part was a mini museum with displays of Coca-Cola memorabilia from throughout the world.

Memorabilia galoreAnd a fair bit of reading as wellThe torches from the recent Olympics on displayNow came the favourite part, the tasting areaEverybody get to carry a bottle homeNext came the trip to the vault - not the real one of course. The final part was the about the product. We were taken through a mini-factory which bottled the drink in a limited edition bottle to be taken home as memento. While waiting for the drinks to be ready, we could also sample 60 plus flavours of Coca-Cola products from around the world. Guaranteed to get you high on sugar by the time you were done. Imagine if I were to take Mu children along with me. It should be a fun ride home .....

I bought some fridge magnet to take home at the exit. The museum was quite fun, since it was not often one get to see it coming from Malaysia and all. Well worth a visit I thought. More on the Atlanta trip here.

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