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Checked In

So, I arrived early, checked in and off I went to sit at the lounge. The flight was just before midnight and it was just after ten now. Anita prepared a heavy dinner for me earlier, so I wasn't exactly hungry. I had a cup of hot chocolate, settled into the seat and enjoyed the free internet.

I managed to check in my luggage straight to Atlanta but upon arrival at Heathrow, I had to get another boarding pass before the next flight. Praying that there won't be any delay hopefully as I was sure in would be right tired then. I wasn't planning to get much sleep for the flight into Heathrow. I would leave that for the Trans-Atlantic leg.

Maybe, I would force myself to watch a movie or two. After all, it would be my first experience onboard an A380. I got the upper deck seat, and requested for an aisle one rather than a window. In was a night flight. I'll go for the window one for the return leg when it would be during sunlight.

The lounge was recently renovated, but I did not see any changes since the latest time I've been in. Food was OK, but being full, I didn't have much. Maybe I have something light after the take off. I didn't recognise anybody else on the flight so far, so I reckon most of the other Malaysian delegates did the sensible thing and took the flight via Seoul. I liked to be difference. So, London, here I come. Even if it was only for a few hours.

More on my Atlanta trip here.

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