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In Atlanta

The day went on like a blur as soon as I reached Atlanta. I didn't get into any trouble at the Immigrations when I arrived. In fact, it was more straight forward than I expected also I got news that my old friend who I would be meeting tomorrow - Specky - was taken for extra questioning. He flew via Detroit though. He was already in Atlanta when he SMS me just now. No damage done.

As for me, I had a driver waiting for me at the airport, driving me straight to the hotel. It took 25 minutes in the middle of the afternoon. I checked myself in, took my conference badge and registered. I then hit the shower before taking a can to one of the malls.

Anita had given me strict instructions about what to get her. I went to the store as planned, but the item was not available. I had to order it to be picked up in a couple of days time. Payment sorted out, so off I went for some coffee.

The mall - Lenox Square - was about 6 miles from my hotel, a 20 minutes can ride in the heavy traffic. It was not too big, but it had an Apple Store and many designer boutiques. A comfortable space. I got two items - a Nexus 4 and an Ecco pair of shoes - which were not available back home.

I will blog more about the Nexus 4 and the mall after I have some rest. As for tonight, I will hit the shower again soon, order room service and off to bed. At least the day doesn't start until midday tomorrow as far as the conference was concerned.

More about this Atlanta trip here.

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