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The SkyPark

Perched on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands, the Sands SkyPark is a sight to behold. Majestic. That's probably the best way to describe it. It would cost SGD20 to get onto the Park, but it is free for those staying at the hotel. We certainly used the facility. Once to relax, the second to actually sample the pool. My boys actually enjoyed the dip on both occasion. They had a separate wading pool for children, and a main pool extending across the three tower.

The main pool was not that deep, but extend towards the end, elevated against the floor to give an illusion that one reaches the edge, hence the name Infiniti Pool. It was an experience with the Singapore skyscraper appearing over the edge. Sipping an ice tea by the pool really made the stay in Singapore worthwhile for that alone.

Looking towards the east of the island from the topTaking the lifts upYours truly having a dip as wellThe healthy option. Some iced tea.As with anywhere in Singapore, things were well organized and clean. The SkyPark was no exception. Apart from the pool, there is a few jacuzzi and sauna units. There were also a couple of bars, a nightclub as well as restaurants and a chocolate bar. However, some of the restaurant we only for those at the executive floors.

No diving. The water was not that deep in the main pool.Idlan looking at the sunsetThe view fromm the side of the infiniti pool. No, it was not dangerous!Singapore sunset ....For visitors, there is also a separate observation deck to enjoy a panoramic view of the island.

On the last evening we were there, we stayed in the pool until after sunset, enjoying the sun rays creeping between a couple of towers on the horizon. Bliss.

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