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The New Camera

Guilty. I couldn't resist it. A camera with better lens and sensor than the lovely X100. I would go insane to say no. So, last Friday, after work, I went out to ask around and at Boeing in Sungai Wang, I got the best offer.

I bought the body with the 35mm f1.4, a delicious lens and had been trying it out ever since. I also got the dedicated case for it, but the annoying thing about that case was the battery and the memory card, bring located at the base of the body, necessitate me to remove the casing every time I needed to charge or download photos. A bit of a pain.

Another gripe was, I have yet to update to OSX Lion on the iMac since the software for my wiggy Internet dock is not compatible with it. The latest version of Aperture requires upgrade to OSX Lion, and that version could process the x-Pro1's RAW files. Since I was not able to upgrade, I was stuck with the jpeg. But when the jpeg appeared this good, I couldn't really complaint. Yet.

With Idlan having his exams next week, and Puan Anita occupied, I would have time to have a walk about town. The camera sounded perfect for street photography, although like the X100, the focusing can be rather quirky.

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