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The Pasar Ramadan Shoot

Finally I managed to try the X-Pro1 on its street photography prowess when I took it out for a spin at Pasar Ramadan in Taman Melawati. Being black, it looked discreet enough not to attract much attention. Certainly, people were not as wary at it as much as if I was carrying along a DSLR.

The focusing could be much faster, but not too bad. I could've stopped down the aperture for wider focusing depth, but that would be at the expense of the gorgeous bokeh the lens offered. I set it at f2.0 instead.

The place was still packed as I was about to leaveAbout 85% of my snaps were in focus, which was more than I expected. I was basically snapping away. With a bit more attention, I could've nailed more. The percentage could also be higher if I switched it into electronic viewfinder instead. But that would take away much of the camera's charm.

I also noticed that the camera tended to underexposed a bit. Maybe by about 1/3 stop. It could easily be remedied either on the camera during the snapping or later on Aperture. No biggies really.

The queue for this popiah was easily 40 people longThere was another half with "SELAMAT"A rather novel one, ala tandoori chicken, minus the skewersRows of chicken riceThe famous Khan Cendol in MelawatiLong queue obviouslyAnd how did the snaps looked like? It was amazing. It was sharp even wide open at f1.4, but the problem then would be depth of field. f2.8 should be just about right .....

More photo from this shoot can be seen here.

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