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Evening at The Curve

I brought the boys and Puan Anita out to IKANO the other night as I mentioned earlier. The plan was to buy Raya cards from our favorite shop there. After that was done, we noticed that The Curve had some decorations at the main foyer as well as stalls set up. And one of the stalls was of our neighbor, Nazleen Noor.

The boys were in their jimjams at Nazleen's stall

She got her collections on display and Anita spent some time there. Unfortunately she was away on a meeting at the time. The other stalls were pretty interesting as well, but the one that caught my attention was by a small company called Young Khalifah.

The night was still youngThe theme, Dansa Raya .... but what might the other spactacular highlights be?Not the real flame thoughStarry night!Before you say anything, this was not one of those cheesy little shops selling standard merchandise and garments for Moslem children. This went beyond that. They sold cute sejadah (prayer mat), telekong (prayer garments) and other nice stuff. We bought a couple of sejadah for the boys. Anita got herself a pair of telekong. Irfan wanted some soft toys, of a Moslem family. Really cute.

The stall by Young KhalifahOne of the puppets that Irfan bought. We had a set of six - the whole family.The theme of the display was "Dansa Raya". We didn't see any dancing that evening. Maybe the dancing would happen nearer to Eid itself later. Looking forward to what else they had in store though.

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