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Dark Knight Rises

It was a bit tricky to blog about a third installment of a series when you did not pay attention to the first, and completely missed the second. Well, that was me with the Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. I saw the first one on ASTRO, missed the second and watched Dark Knight Rises last weekend. And, true to the artful direction of Mr Nolan, I was able to keep abreast with the plot.

Close to three hours and the pace of the movie was relentless. Complete with a revelation in the end. The special effect was spectacular, but the storyline was strong enough to carry the movie through. At the end of it, it was pretty clear that Anne Harthaway can kick ass and there were room for sequel, although Christopher Nolan had made it clear that he would not be continuing with the franchise. Better quit when you were on top I supposed, because it would be kind of difficult to top this one. Great action, great storyline and superb acting, especially by the supporting cast, although through to any Batman movies, one should not take the plot too literally. Otherwise, how could you explain being alive after being trapped underneath subway rubles for three months.

I watched the movie with Puan Anita at Mid Valley, on my first day off for Raya. And as you could imagine, we were interrupted a few times with phone calls calling for errands. And even then, it was easy to get in and out of the movie. Now, what we had to do was watch the second installment. I thought it was playing on ASTRO. A highly recommended movie.

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