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Scott's Restaurant, Frasers Hill

The owner of Smokehouse at Frasers Hill has a couple of children, Ashley and Scott. Those name appeared all of the place at the hotel and the sister restaurant of the chain at Frasers Hill town is called Scott. It was run by a former Assistant Manager at the hotel, a Myanmar gentleman called Henry. He served us at the hotel the last time we were in Frasers Hill. So, on the Sunday lunchtime, we went into town looking for him.

Bad timing though, as it was a busy afternoon. It was opened at noon and when we reached there, about ten minutes after opening, the place was already full. We ended up waiting for more than an hour for our order. Real bad timing.

The food was pretty standard as far as Smokehouse was concerned. they also serve at noon scones, but we were far too early far that. we spent the time waiting for food exploring the restaurant. It was decorated to the English Tudor style, which was the theme of the Smokehouse as well.

The restaurant was situated right smack in the middle of town, next to Puncak Inn. Upon reaching the town from The Gap, take the first left turn when you reach the famous clock tower roundabout. The restaurant should be on your left just past Puncak Inn, right opposite the public toilet. You can't miss it.

More on the Fraser's Hill stay here.

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