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Wii U

Over the years, the only game console we had in our household was the Nintendo Wii. We had PSP and iPads of course, but we were talking consoles here. We never bothered with PlayStation, but we loved our Wii. When I was in the US, the Wii U was released, but I want sure if the games and consoles were compatible in Malaysia. So, I gave it a pass.

But when I found a unit being sold during our trip to Plaza Damas, I just couldn't say no. We went straight to buy it.

It wasn't a local unit, so, it needed a step down voltage unit. I was pretty sure it was a North America set from the voltage setting, but it worked fine. The Wii U was definitely an upgrade from the Wii. The graphic was better, the games were more sophisticated. It can still play the original Wii games and some of the peripherals were still compatible.

The console also came with a small handheld display unit called the Gamepad. It connects seamlessly with the console via Bluetooth, and it required a separate charger. So, I had to get a couple of step down transformers to play the game.

I bought the black 32GB unit, which came with a game called Nintendoland, which showcases what the Wii U can offer in terms of gameplay. I also bought a couple of extra games for the boys.

After playing for a couple of times, the unit appeared more responsive, but I just wished that we had a bigger TV. The one we used for games was an old CRT TV. It was good enough, but not HD! The sound was also pretty basic from our setup. I was sure we were yet to explore then full potential of the Wii U. At this time, the games were still limited.

But from what I explored so far, it certainly retained the same charm as the original Wii. If you loved the Wii as a casual gamer like us, I was sure you would love the Wii U. Adventure time!!!!!

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