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Part 2 Dry Chow Kit

Right after the group photos were taken care of, the group dispersed. Some of them lingered around the starting point figuring out the next target. Some went straight off towards Chow Kit market.

Me and my group hung around for a bit taking in some street scene before heading into the market after 15 minutes or so.

This is Idlan's favourite, mangosteen

Indonesian-style cookies. I can vouch that this is not local.The market were divided into a couple of parts, the outer dry market, and the old area which was the wet market. The wet market had been done up a few times in the past, and nowadays, it wasn't as "wet" as I used to remember it to be. When I was at school, a trip to the Chow Kit wet market would mean getting your slippers wet in the semi-muddy corridors. Not anymore now.

The dry area was dominated by Indonesian vendor. And this was reflected by the products on sale. Amongst the wares I noticed, two stuck into my mind. The dry snacks - which were originally Indonesian and the gold-plating business, located towards the entrance to the wet market.

The Indonesian invasion was certainly a sad development to the traditional market especially since the market was located near Kampung Baru which was staunchingly Malay in their values. They were prickly when it came to the Chinese, but Indonesian? Meh!

More Indonesian-styled titbitsFancy some bling-bling?There is science behind all this. Check out the batteries!This man certainly know his trade. And he promised to give some mean discounts!And onwards we moved towards the wet marketThe gold-plating business was certainly big here. I counted at least ten stores doing plating using electrolysis. Proper secondary school science fare here. And it seemed to work. The vendors had quite a story to tell as well ..... I wonder if the place got robbed from time to time, with all those belongs around .....

We spent a good 20 minutes wondering around here before venturing further in into the belly of Chow Kit. The Wet Market! Here we come!

The write-ups about the walk here.

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