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Prize Giving

Again, no clinic this morning. But the occasion this time was the prize giving ceremony at school. Started early and despite the series of speeches, it didn’t take long for the event to get going and I was already back at the hospital for my rounds by 10 in the morning.

This time around, I brought my mother along. She never been to see Idlan and Irfan collect their prizes before. So, the first order of business for me was to pick up Mum from Bukit Antarabangsa. The traffic was a breeze though, so we reached the school earlier, just as the boys were assembling.

Irfan was the first to pick up the prize, as he was in Year One. He got a plaque and a few rolls of certificate for being highest in subjects. Idlan's turn came a bit later, in Year Three. He also got a plaque and certificates. They then returned later as Irfan got the prize for "Most Polite Student". I was not sure how much Irfan pay his teacher to get that one!

All lined up on the tableThe School Principle giving her speechI left right after the prize giving, while Anita went to see the teachers to pick up the report cards before lunch. Our driver sent our parents home by then as it was quite a long wait. There were cultural shows after the prize giving, for which both of my boys were not involved in. I left well before that.

Both of the boys were still buzzing with excitement after picking up their prizes, and had already called be a couple of times. No doubt they would be asking for toys soon. But, they still have their Al Manaar exam this afternoon ….

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