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Go Fleksy

I thought I would give this app a go after reading about it on the RED feed. A few suitor though that I may have to get used to. But it was almost similar to the Blackberry OS 10.

I must confess that I am a fan of the Blackberry software keyboard and Fleksy seemed to be a great addition.

Typing speed was definitely faster and the autocorrection algorithm was excellent. Much better than the stock iOS. In fact, I would be as bold as suggesting that Apple should acquire this product and integrate it into the iOS as a standard input.

It worked much better on the Android architecture as it appeared as the default keyboard. There was no such thing for the iOS though. For Apple, we had to do the typing input in the app and copy and paste it onto where you want to place the text. Cumbersome. As a result, I wasn't able to use it for tweeting. Such a shame!

For the time being, I would be mainly using it on my Android device. Have to develop some muscle memories before able to adept it fully.

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