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The breakfast at the resort - at a cafe called Duyong next to the bar called appropriately Lanun - was rather nice. Good local spread - the nasi lemak was delish - and then price was included in then room fees and kids go in free. There was of course, the usual omelette and western items. Those were good as well.

And since the place was packed on a Sunday morning, and many patron came with small children, the cafe get crowded pretty fast. Better to head down there early, like what we did.

Starting things off with the news. I guessed Adri might not be in the best of moods.The croissant was nicely laid out, and fresh too.Fruit salad. Not really my thing ..... I want nasi lemak!Tea for the boys

My boys were not bothered though. They slept in, only to wake up to change and get back into the pool. Myself and Anita took turn to go to the cafe, and we ordered in for the boys. And the in room breakfast was excellent actually. We ordered the western breakfast, and we got sausages and choice of eggs, plenty of croissant, food salad and nice morning tea.

Expensive, but I paid more form a much worst meal before ....... and you didn't have to join then long queue and endure their antics when we get grumpy early in the morning because going to breakfast was between their bed and their morning dip.

Nice walk from my breakfastFinally the sun came out to playThe slideshow for the trip here.

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