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Morning Brew

One of my patient gave me a coffee maker, one of those which accept Nesoresso capsules complete with milk Dr other to make cappuccino. I have been meddling around since getting it but had never been too serious about it.

Last weekend, I saw a roadshow at Bangsar Village selling the accessories as well as selection of the coffee capsules. I had another look and decided to give it another go.

I ended up taking up a package of 150 capsules which came with free see-through cups and saucer. I then started meddling with the water pH setting and everything and the results were quite impressive.

They were easy to prepare and cleaning was simple enough every few days which my maid could muster. Unfortunately, I am the only coffee drinker in the house. Anita and the boys preferred tea and hot chocolates.

I dabbled with preparing double-shot espresso last weekend and that resulted in a blend which kept me on my toes doing my Sunday morning ward round. It was potent. I could feel the buzz of ceffeine afterwards and could go on with the rounds for another few hours if I could.

Best not to overdo it I guessed ...


Sunday Scones

After buying the ingredients and browsing through many YouTube videos, Anita finally decided to take the plunge! She decided to make some scones!

For my Sunday morning breakfast.

It turned out superb and filled me up before heading out for my morning rounds .... It won’t be complete without the whipped cream and preserves. To top things out, she brought out the old China we had for England just to complete the ambiance ... Happy Sunday morning all then ...

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Breakfast at The Smokehouse

This entry was originally written in September 2016

Breakfast at Smokehouse had always been an enjoyable experience. But gone were the days when you woke yourself up to the aroma of freshly baked croissant.

The breakfast now was a more sedated affair. I remembered back in 2009 when the place had a proper cook, the smell really perked you up, and you could even order some leftover scones from the day before.

The English breakfast was also a full plated, kept you full for the rest of the day affair. Now, it was nothing more than just some sausages and a piece of bacon. Even the fresh fruits were just some melon. It used to fill a whole plate. Then came the croissant which were really supermarket level being heated in an oven.

I ordered some omelette but it turned to be just some glorified fried eggs. A sad affair.

It just reflected the decline of this once great place...

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A Bit of PULP

Free Sunday morning afforded me a chance to indulge on something rather rare. A breakfast without interruption at a cafe. And that was I just did this morning and the venue was not that far from where I leave. It was only a five minute drive on the other side of the hill.

It was not just a cafe, but a series of them. I decided to park myself at the first spot - called PULP by Papa Palheta. There were a few other cafe shops around the same compound. Not to mention a barber shop. One of the outlet is called Breakfast Thieves and the place was packed at 9.30 am on a Sunday!

I doubt that they were still using this old machineSome reading materialThere was also a barber shop plus a Malay-themed eatery called Agak-Agak. That was not as popular though. From what I have read, the compound used to be a printing press - called APW or Art Printing Works - as it sat right next to the NST headquarters. Interesting ...

As usual, Anita was a tea drinkerOrder at the counter ...Food were readyPULP was surprisingly small. There had seating for only around 30 patron and it got full rather quickly. The menu items were also pretty limited, and I was sure the place was more known for its coffee rather than breakfast. None the less we ordered breakfast for two - a hot pot of beans, sausages, cheese and toast. I had mocha and Anita ordered tea. And that set us back almost RM70! Certainly it wasn’t cheap. Plus the charge of RM7 for parking as the roadside were already full.

The barber shop next doorThe industrial looking surrounding. Agak-agak served Malay breakfast ...Breakfast Thieves. We shall try this in the future ...Ambiance-wise it was great. The outlets opened early - from 9 am and closed on Mondays. We should’ve had our breakfast at Breakfast Thieves instead but it was always nice to try something new. Would definitely be going there again in the future. In fact Anita had been planning her next reunion spot there very soon ....

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Morning at Seri Kembangan

I decided to start my rounds late as I didn't have clinic that morning. It was part of the plan to drive Idlan to school - and later plus Irfan - at least once a week.

After dropping him off, we went for a spot of breakfast before driving to Subang - Anita had a physio session scheduled that morning. Traffic was rather heavy on the way back but I still managed to be in the ward before 9. Hopefully the traffic would be similar in the future, because otherwise it might impact my ward schedule.

At the moment, I would continue to plan around my work as I felt better seeing off Idlan to school. Helpfully it would help him in the long run ...

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