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The Cool Pool

The hotel used to be called Legend Water Chalet. We once stayed at the apartment - which still has an indoor swimming pool in the room. Form this trip, we picked the chalet on the sea instead. A slight difference although in terms of comfort, they were comparable.

The room we had was one of the bigger ones, a ground floor unit, halfway to the sea. From what I could remember, it may be slightly longer than the apartment, but narrower. Being in the sea, we were charged premium for it of course. But the indoor swimming pool more than made up for that.

As I mentioned, we arrived at PD late. An hour before we arrived, the hotel reception called us to confirm if we had changed our minds. Then late arrival also meant that we did not have to queue at the front desk. Since we booked in agreed of time, all they needed was my signature. By the time that was done, a buggy was already waiting for us to intake us to our chalet.

Off came the clothes and the boys were already in the pool in double quick time. 4 feet deep. No problem for Idlan, but Irfan had to tip toe as the water level was at his chin. That didn't deter them a bit, even though the water was freezing ......

Anita then ordered some snacks and drinks, and they enjoyed that while still dipped in the pool, splashes everywhere.

There was also an outdoor shower next to then pool which was convenient since we wanted then to dry up before getting back into the room. And the room was something else .......

The slideshow for the weekend is here

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