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The Drive Down

I arrived home from my clinic at 2 pm to learn that our immediate neighbour passed away after a recent battle with cancer. Anita visited the widow earlier, but the body was still on the way from the hospital via the mosque. Anita was occupied the whole morning before making preparations for the drive down to Port Dickson.

We finally got things in order to leave after 3 pm. Fearing the traffic, we decided to detour via KLIA, down to the town of Sepang which would be only be about half an hour away from PD. Unfortunately, here was where my plans went to pots.

The route was jammed up due to some some construction works. And after 45 minutes, driving along a 3 km stretch, we had enough and turned back, via Bandar Enstek towards Labu. The turn added an extra hour to the journey, and we managed to finally check in at around quarter past 6.

I was worried that we would get delayed further, as even the second route we took also had some construction going on. If not form that, I was sure that we would have been able to reach PD earlier. This was not helped by the fact that all the traffic lights were red when we got by.

And of course, off went their clothes as the first order of business was to head straight into the pool. Splash away!

They finally emerged out of the freezing water at around 8, when it was already dark outside. Room service came next, and the boys spent the rest of the evening holed up in the cosy hotel room, watching TV, and tucked into their beds playing their iPads.

Rumour has it that they wanted to get up early tomorrow morning to have another dip.

Slideshow of the stay here

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