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Simmering Down

Idlan's fever abated overnight and he was able to get a peaceful sleep. It was horrible the evening before, him waking up almost every hour. Irfan was in school yesterday, but when I reached home yesterday, he was asleep on the couch. That nap lasted about 3 hours, clearly still recovering.

Anita also felt listless, as was I last night. I had a slight temperature when I went to bed, but felt better this morning. The sore throat was still around, but after some gargle and paracetamol, I left for Subang, a bit later than usual.

I was at ParkCity when I was drafting this entry, really not in the mood to do much else. No referrals or patient in clinic this morning, so, I just chilled out. I would probably leave early to get to the bank, and have an early lunch somewhere in Bangsar.

I called home to check on Idlan. He was already up having a shower. Slight temperature but he was a lot more active. Hopefully he things would settle down soon. At least it happened this week as I was due to fly to Kyoto next Wednesday for a conference .....

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