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Travel Entry Update

Since I kept getting called from the ward - a few ill patients last night - I decided to stay up a bit longer than usual. I actually ended up updating my links on my previous overseas travel.

I only managed to work on the Atlanta trip - which turned out generating quite a few links. There were entries from applying for the visa right up to returning to Malaysia and headed straight for multiple on calls. The highlights for the trip must be my first time in the A380. Atlanta was not much of a draw unfortunately.

The Kyoto trip has yet to be patched up yet. That would probably come in later. Hopefully I could make as many updates in my trip next week to Lugano. I had bought some travel books in preparation for the trip, looking forward to leaving next Monday evening.

But for now, I had to cover one of my senior colleagues who was away on conference leave in Stockholm. Extra work for me from the looks of things, but hopefully I could have some rest after that.

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