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P1 Unreliable 

For the last couple of weeks, the P1 connection we had at our Gombak house had not been at all reliable. It kept breaking up, or suffered from slow bandwidth. Yes, I do get the SMS update that they were looking into it, but it was becoming so often that the SMS started to sound like spams. P1 could have done better by making sure the breakdown doesn't happen in the first place rather than this lame PR exercise.

I ended up using my Celcom line as internet access. And I was sure if this kept on happening, my Telco charges would go up. I would be throttle down soon. Updating blogs was becoming a pain. And I have stopped updating my medical blog as uploading articles were becoming a suffering. Uploading photos to my server? Forget about it!

I could install Unifi here but the wiring would be a pain since this was my in-law's house. For serious work, and uploading big files, I had to go to my apartment. I would enjoy the 30 Mbit speed there. But unfortunately, there were no fibres yet in Gombak ......

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