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P1 Unreliable 

For the last couple of weeks, the P1 connection we had at our Gombak house had not been at all reliable. It kept breaking up, or suffered from slow bandwidth. Yes, I do get the SMS update that they were looking into it, but it was becoming so often that the SMS started to sound like spams. P1 could have done better by making sure the breakdown doesn't happen in the first place rather than this lame PR exercise.

I ended up using my Celcom line as internet access. And I was sure if this kept on happening, my Telco charges would go up. I would be throttle down soon. Updating blogs was becoming a pain. And I have stopped updating my medical blog as uploading articles were becoming a suffering. Uploading photos to my server? Forget about it!

I could install Unifi here but the wiring would be a pain since this was my in-law's house. For serious work, and uploading big files, I had to go to my apartment. I would enjoy the 30 Mbit speed there. But unfortunately, there were no fibres yet in Gombak ......

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Unreliable P1

Being on leave, I was hoping to get my website sorted out as well as doing other things online. Unfortunately, since yesterday evening, my P1 connection had been playing up again. Not just dropped connections. It was no connections.

This had been going on for the last few weeks, and it was becoming unreliable of late.

So, had to delay my online stuff until later. Would be heading to Telekom after this to pay some bills, then off to the hospital for a quick rounds and to do some procedures. I should be free after that. Hmmm! Time for a photowalk maybe then .....

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P1 Connection Disription

My P1 connection at home had been playing up for the last week. They were nice enough to SMS me on the first day that they had issues and would be rectifying it soon. By little that I realises that it would took them the best part of a week.

It seemed to be only disrupting the connection on the widget unit. The main P1 node we placed at the main hall seemed to getting normal service. So, to get our normal surfing fix, we had to gather at the living room. No signal in the bedroom I was afraid. That also meant that no app updates for the iPad unless we went upstairs. I also had problem with updating my podcast since the iMac in the study uses the widget for its Internet connection.

This morning when I woke up, everything seemed to be fixed though. And I also heard the news that finally P1 was launched in Kuching. I therefore suspected that the engineers who were supposed to fix he connection in KL had been posted in Kuching instead ....

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Time for Uploading

After a couple of full days of photo taking, post-editing came as a drag. Even though I have the routine sorted out, it was the upload onto the server later on which could take some time. Usually Sunday morning would be the best time, but loading up almost 200MB of data on a slow broadband connection from the Gombak home - the apartment had 30Gb - took a bit longer usually.

The main photographs were from the Urbanscapes outing yesterday afternoon. I have yet to find time to blog about that. Maybe I would do that some time thins afternoon. As for now, it was time for breakfast, and Sunday morning rounds.

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A Run at the Pool

The boys couldn't stop running around our empty apartment. It won't be empty for long as we would start to move stuffs by next weekend. I would also be sleeping there as I would be on call on Friday.

I installed the Internet and wifi, and took the boys to explore the facilities. The pool was really nice but it was too early to jump in. Before long, a group of twenty somethings started coming over with their barbecue bag, exploring the barbecue area. One of them brought a small dog. Before long, it started sniffing around Idlan and he was not happy. The bucks stopped when it started to give chase when Idlan ran.

He ran into the building but the dog still chased him, before finally he entered a door and I arrived. The owner was just walking towards the incident. I swore I would have killed the dog if not for him.

Time to lie back in the afternoon sunThe pool is actually bigger than I thoughtAt least I got my priorities right ....The guy took his dog, apologised while Idlan was screaming. He rejoined his group, but the dog was still loose. I got the security in as as far as I was concerned, dogs, leashed or otherwise were off limits at the pool area. The group left shortly after.

My worry was Idlan would be traumatised by the whole affair. He was still sobbing when we got to the apartment. I would definitely be writing in for explanation from the management after this. It should not happen again. Poor Idlan.

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