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Minus 9

In the hot weather, I couldn't help but notice the ice cream stalls at the roadside. Yesterday, I tried a stall by the lake. Italian ice cream were mainly thick yoghurt called gelato. These ones were super thick and taste like the real flavour they were made from. Basically the strawberry gelato taste like you were actually eating strawberry. And I had some coffee flavour, and it cane with coffee beans in the mix. They were that authentic.

I shared the experience with some of my colleagues, and they pointed me out to shop in the middle of town which allegedly serve the best gelato. It was called Minus 9 (-9).

The gelato kiosk I visited the day beforeIt certainly lived up to its billing and then some more. I purposely ordered the coffee flavour, and my God, did it taste like coffee. Costwise, it wasn't that expensive. Possibly cheaper than Haagen-Dasz back home. They even had exotic - to them - flavours such as pineapple and coconuts. No green teai. Yet.

I would definitely have to sneak back there once more before I return back home. The gelato stalls in KL had no chance against these guys ....

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