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It was a tradition for me to blog as soon as I reached home from a trip. So, here we go. The trio on the whole was great but the flight back was a nightmare. We were not talking about turbulence or haze of the likes. It was more on the comfort zone.

As mentioned, I would blog more about the 777-300 as a plane, but clearly KLM was raking in profit for this Amsterdam-KL-Jakarta route as it was full and it was an achievement cramping 425 seats on this plane. That was even more than MAS managed to fit into their 747-400. Talk about efficiency. I shall leave that rant for later.

As for now, I decided to take the ERL into KL Sentral, enjoying the haze along the way. The flight got delayed landing at KLIA and since the plane would be taking off again to Jakarta, the unloading of the bags took a bit longer than usual. It was well after 4 pm when I finally managed to get my stuffs organised and went over to the exit.

The lift to ERL was full, so as usual I tried the escalator to the ground floor. It wasn't working. I decided to carry my bags down myself. From the ground floor, again the escalator was switched off finger to the ubdergraound ERL terminal. So much for a World Class airport eh?

I finally reached KL Sentral at 5, a quick ride on the cab and I was home. It was great to be back.

More write-up on the trip here.

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