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Bouncing in Valencia

For Saturday, we went to an open house at one of my work colleague. Initially Anita wasn't keen to go, until.she learned that it was in Valencia, Sungai Buloh. She had been eyeing the place for quite some time, but getting in was a problem since you have to know somebody living inside to be allowed in. Unless you went there to look for properties of course.

And Anita was not disappointed. The houses there were really nice. And really really expensive. The boys were really astounded by the place and wanted to move there.

My friend's house was located at one of the early phases of the area, and a lot greener and well developed. A really cosy place with a golf course running behind the house. A nice cool breeze with green surrounding, I could see myself retiring in this kind of locality. A far cry from the buzz of Bangsar.

The open house itself was fun with great food and good company. Idlan didn't have much sleep the night before, so he was on the grumpy side. But he soon lightened up, and coukdnt stop bouncing on the exercise ball at the back garden of the house.

On the way home, we took a detour around the place. The newer phases has a mote modern design, a bit more minimalist and since they were new, looked rather bare. But some of the designs were astounding. A quick look on the internet, the single storey bungalow was going for RM 4 mil as an asking price ..... Look elsewhere then .....

My excuse was the place was a bit far removed from the centre of town ..... But that did not convince Anita ...... Oh dear ....

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