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Lunch at Kuala Selangor 

We expected that the traffic coming into KL would be more reasonable today this being Monday. But it was clear that some folks decided to return today, and the traffic today on the highway was heavier than usual. We decided to join the highway crowd with our littlw trip to Kuala Selangor for lunch. Luckily was left early and were only caught in a relatively heavy flow on the way home.

With the new highway - called LATAR now opened - it only took me 45 minutes to reach Kuala Selangor from Gombak. The highway still stopped at Ijok. No sign if the throughway to Lumut would be opened any time soon.

We went to the usual place at Pasir Penampang. But this time the food for some reason was rather bland. Maybe the main cook was away for Raya. But still we went for the usual crab and prawns. A whole lot of them.

After lunch, we went for a stroll along the village. There were many stalls selling seafood and other home made products. Another thing I noticed was the numbering on the door. All the shops there carried the number 168. An auspicious number I was sure.

On the way back, we took a detour around Bukit Malawati. It was the first time we dis that. We didn't realise that you could drive up the hill and do a nice relaxing round around the fort. Plenty of spots tonpark as well but we decided against that. Maybe next time. It was just too hot then.

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