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A Walk in the Park

I managed to escape early from my afternoon clinic last week to join Anita and the boys at KLCC where Idlan went to see Azida, my ENT Surgeon friend. Idlan had been troubled by rhinitis and has responded well to treatment. I arrived there late and only joined them after they had their afternoon tea.

But in time for a walk at the KLCC park, followed by dinner after.

As long as they ran around in circles, I was happyA nice breezy afternoon it wasNot sure what they were building hereBeing a Wednesday afternoon, the crowd there was a lot smaller than usual. There were people actually in the public pool, but the boys was mainly at the playground. They were already in their track bottoms from school, properly dressed for the run around.
There were renovations going around at the park, and there seemed to be a new building being erected between Suria KLCC and the mosque.

Yes Idlan, 1 more kilometresWait for me .....Time to get back to the civilisation Hopefully there were no plans to extend the development further as the park was a breath of fresh air in the middle of the city. People still jogged around there in the afternoon - which my boys tried to imitate.

We stayed there until almost 7 before heading inside for dinner. The boys were already cranky by then.

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