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Satay Seri Melaka

My Mum told me about this satay stall in Keramat which took orders and supply satay to party at reasonable price, and more importantly good tasting satay. We decided to try. And Anita was impressed enough that she ordered a whole lot of it for the Raya open house at her Mum's place.

The stall was called Satay Sri Melaka. They operate from their regular stall at AU5, complete with a long grill equipped with fans.

We had to pre-order and picked up the satay the afternoon before. Then we quickly froze them and reheat them in batches today for the visitors. I didn't wait long and actually had some for berbuka last night.

They were quite dear at 90 sen a stick, but compared to the cheaper imitations, it was well worth it. The peanut sauce which cane with them were also heavenly. Great combination. Much better than their Kajang btethrens who were usually overhyped, if not overpriced. No need to travel to Kajang when you could get satay this good just round the corner.

Our lotWhen we arrived to pick up our order, we saw the satay already prepared in packages across a long table at the stall, all labeled with the buyers details. We soon got our order just by showing our receipts. No messing about.

I don't think that they had any branches elsewhere. If you were interested to visit, the stall would be along a Medan Selera area next to the AU5 Multipurpose Hall. If you were from MRR2, by taking the Jalan Keramat heading to Taman Permata, the stall would be on your left hand side right after the hall.

Alternatively, just punch these coordinates into your GPS.

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