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Home Furnishing Expo

Anita and the boys were only to join me after dinner last Friday evening. The boys had to attend their Quran school before coming over. Therefore I had a spare couple of hours looking for dinner after work that evening.

A quick net search brought me to Mid Valley - which was only 5 minutes away from the apartment. There was an Expo going on. And it was on home renovation and furnishing. A good excuse to have a look.

It was held over the weekend - the last day being on Aidil Adha - at Mid Valley Convention Centre. As it was just after 6 on on the first day, the crowd was still pretty light. Less crowded meant more time to have a close look around.

The front entrance. What? No photography?Started off at the bedsThen some home appliances, such as this self propelling vacuum cleanerSome cute LED lightingI was looking for a couple of specifics. A good mattress - even though I've already had my eyes on one somewhere else but it was good to compare the prices - and outdoor furniture for the verandah at the apartment.

There were a few but none caught my fancy. As usual, there were a few interesting stuff. The first one was a new padlock with a built in shrieking alarm. It goes off everytime you try to pry it or cut it as what usually happened during break ins. A nice idea. It looked the same as the usual padlock and unlocked using using keys. But the moment you temper with it, all hell break loose. Nice! And it wasn't particularly expensive.

The alarmed padlock I mentioned earlier. It looks like a normal padlock, until it started to shriek!This man tried to charm me into buying a food processor. Not interested.Then there were the usual suspect. Some of the sofa were damn nice to look at and to sit on. There were going on offer of course, but we didn't need one for the moment. That would come maybe next year after we figure out what to do with the main sitting area.

Then it was sofa ........ and more sofaAll in all, it wasn't half bad. The majority of the show floor was filled with home automation and kitchen appliances. Nothing new. Price-wise it was difficult to judge as I wasn't aware of the standard pricing. The vendors would always point out to prove cuts, but how true that was remained to be seen.

A good way to spend a couple of hours and build your appetite for dinner.

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