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Gurney Paragon Mall

On the way to Batu Feringghi, we drove past a new mall sat right next to Gurney Plaza. A bigger one, and on the wall, the Debenhams caught Anita's eyes.

After a quick snack at the hotel after the drive from Batu Feringghi, Anita decided to have a look at the mall - against Irfan's protest! Since both myself and Idlan also wanted to go, the majority won ....

Now, one of the common theme among the malls in Penang was the confusing car park lay out. And oh boy, this mall topped them all! The spacing were awkward and some of the slot were slanted on an angle, and to get in and out of the spot, you have to back into the main traffic flow! I guessed they didn't think about the car park area when they designed the malls.

Once we settled in - parked on the fifth floor none the less - Anita went straight to Debenhams. I went to another floor with the boys to check out the Tumi outlet. There was also Victoria's Secret, and Idlan's favourite, Godiva! Sugar rush!!

It was clear that the place still needed to be filled tenant-wise. Some of the spaces on the top floors - I counted eight floors - were either still empty or quiet. I could finished the shops in under an hour. They might struggle to hold onto those shops in the coming years I think. There were appreciably more people at Gurney Plaza compared to here, although it was obviously more upmarket.

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