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Broken SquareSpace

I have been using SquareSpace for more than 5 years and with innovation, there was bound to be issued. And that certainly what happened to the iOS app for the blogging platform.

The app now no longer support Square space version 5 which my blog still used - because that was the most advanced version back in 2009.

SquareSpace released version 6 of the program back in 2011 and I was one of the beta tester for the new update. I used it for close to 6 months before the version matured and went out of beta. Over the years, development of version 5 were put in the back burners. And the main problem was, those two versions were not compatible. Upgrading from 5 to 6 did take plenty of work.

I decided against updating this blog and now I found myself having to either use the Android version of the SquareSpace app, which I was also a beta tester, or updating it manually on the web. The app were no longer available for download from iTunes, so I my have to update my iPhone manually from the Mac to get the old app back.

It was a pain. What would happen when version 7 come along? There would be another app update and those using the older version may suffer the same problem as I did.

It looked like I may just have to do the. Prating the old fashion way with the new phone.

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