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Free Mornings 

Not used to having a morning off. My day off usually included a quick trip to the hospital to do my ward round. But yesterday morning was free, apart from a couple of calls I had to answer.

I was tasked for sorting out the breakfast. And that was exactly what I did. A quick drive to Happy Garden to buy some roti canai and everybody was happy.

I spent the morning updating my blog actually. Finally gotten around to finish up my Penang entries. Quite a lot of photos there actually. Then after the boys were up, we packed up to leave the apartment and head to my Mum's place at Bukit Antarabangsa for lunch. Chilled there for a few hours before returning to Gombak.

Had to settle in quick as the boys had school on Tuesday even though I had canceled my Tuesday morning clinic and didn't have to rush to Subang - which what I was doing doing now doing this entry.

I have some business matter to take care of in the next couple of days, hence no clinic. I would still be going there to do my rounds and other things. But at least not at 7 at usual.

Breakfast with Puan Anita next.

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