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Unlike last year, Qurban and Aidil Adha this year was a low key one. We all stayed in KL. Even my parents didn't travel as my Mum's brother passed away last Ramadhan and her sister is in Mecca at the moment. My sister didn't go back to Melaka either.

The first day was a busy one for my parents as my Dad was in charge of the Qurban at his surau. Mum was also busy with cooking. I went to the surau with my boys although Idlan freaked out when he saw blood from the slaughter. That put the end of the visit.

It was almost done by the time we arrivedEvery last bitReady for distributionThe chopping boardWe went to visit my parents on the second day, having lunch there. We spent the rest of the Raya weekend at the apartment this time, more or less to ourselves.

The boys were occupied with homework, assignment and of course the PS4. I spent the weekend just doing some reading and watching TV. A lazy one actually.

My Dad was in charge of the distribution part

Idlan trying to convince everybody that it was time to go ....

They were back to school today, and I was busy with some reading in preparation for a visit by inspector at a firm I consult for. Although I technically had Tuesday off in between reading and paperwork.

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