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First Impression

When it comes to hotels, first impression could mean everything. It could be the maker or the breaker. So, we were expecting great things from Eastern & Oriental when we landed there yesterday, and we were not disappointed. In fact, for Puan Anita, she was impressed the moment she first set foot. As for me, I needed some warming up. The reception lady looked at me with a certain look when I arrived, and I got the distinct feeling that she was sizing me up. Especially when I booked for four nights ....

We booked at the Heritage Wing, the older and more exclusive site. Not exactly the most expensive room, but all the rooms at that particular wing didn't come cheap. They were all suites, and the key word when I opened the room door - no, I did not open the door, the butler did - was opulence.

Where we sat at whil being checked into our roomThe grand old staircaseAnita exploring the room of course. Before things get messy!Everything screamed antiques and quality. The butler took time to explain the workings of the rooms and the services provided.

We then went for a late lunch at one of the cafe - named after the Armenian brothers who built the hotel - Sarkies. Idlan went straight for the sirloin and scones. My God, it was gorgeous. Me? I had some laksa .... Old school ....

Time for a late lunch at SarkiesIdlan in his elements after ordering his steakSnap courtesy of IrfanThen came the photography session. I had to compete with a couple of Chinese couples doing their wedding photography there. There was a small patch of grass where my boys duly ran on. We went combed through the hotel looking at all the decorations and and services.

There were a couple wings at the hotel, the traditional one which we stayed at - called The Heritage Wing - and a more recently built Victory Wing, six floors with a car park.

Time to explore the rest of the hotelMaking our way across the compoundAlong the marbled corridorAt our wing, we had our private pool on the ground floor. I sampled it yesterday evening while waiting for dinner - it was room service. Nice relaxing laps while enjoying the sea breeze and the sound of crashing waves.

We left the windows opened during sunset to listen to the waves. Unfortunately the hotel faces the north part of the island. One had to venture outside to see the sunset. But we did face the sunrise this morning. So, GoPro to the ready tomorrow morning .....

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