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At the Movies

After breakfast, Anita hatched an idea that we should go out to watch a movie. The vote was 3 against 1. Irfan wasn't keen. For him, the whole idea of the holiday was to stay at the hotel and never having to go out ...

After much persuasion and bribe, he agreed and we went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. It turned out to be much better than we thought, although the dialogue may not be really suitable for young children. Some ample use of swearword and sexual innuendos were about ....

We left the theatre rooting for Groot, the plant character in the movie.

The theatre was located at a shopping mall along Gurney Drive. Anita went to do some shopping afterwards, while Irfan demanded his bribe .... We ended up staying until about 6 pm, back in time for dinner.

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