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Steady Start

The post-holiday commotion was slowly setting in. Meetings and deadline to sort out. Managed to rummage through my home office to get it tidied up, but still plenty needed doing. Will need to shop for some tables and other small stuffs before the weekend.

Idlan and Irfan had been complaining of being bored after all the excitement of the Penang trip. Suffice to say that if they had their way, they would still be there now. But Daddy had to work ...

We also need to do up Idlan's room for a bit. He needs a small TV after we moved his Wii U back to his room. It was previously in Irfan's as the TV was there. Now, both of them had their own rooms, we could spent some time doing a bit of decorating.

Both of them could do with proper study desks, but that would have to wait. I can't afford another Moll table just yet ... not with their school fees due soon.

This morning was a slow one. Started of at Subang and saw my patients there before a quiet breakfast at Bawang Merah - after 6 weeks, missing the nasi lemak. Then another rather quiet and smooth ride to Park City. The two patients scheduled did not turn up. Probably still in their Raya mood. Had time to do a bit of blogging, as I was sure this afternoon would be a busy one. Nothing lined up for lunch - although there was a lunch talk at Subang. Maybe I just check what my boys were up to at the apartment first ...

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