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It's Friday

The week seem to have breezed through really fast. And it had been one of those productive week where I really got plenty done.

And this had also been the longest stint I had without beeping on call for a long time.

From last month, I have reduced my General Medical commitment at work and contrasting more on Haematology. Alhamdulillah, I had been busier but more focused. The majority of my inpatient now were with Haematology diseases and I got plenty of satisfaction in getting them sorted out.

I am still in the rota and will be on call this Sunday. But now, my calls were pretty spaced out and should I do a couple of duties close together, I had plenty of breathing after that.

This wedding also marked my wedding anniversary and Anita planned a nice dinner tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

At the meantime, I planned to get more stuff done tonight, plenty of reading, plus an early night ...

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Four Years

I had been a Member of the Hospital Medical Advisory Board for the past two sessions - four years. I was the secretary for the last couple, and yesterday we held a fresh election which I did not stand for.

It was not too taxing but I had to spend a few afternoons a month attending meetings and other duties. Time to take a break. During that period, I was involved in Doctor's Agreement negotiations, implementation of GST - and now the removal of it - and also the introduction of the computer system at the hospital that was still a bone of contention at work.

So, the job was concluded with the minutes of the Staff Meeting held today. Time to sign off!

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Long Queue

I was not sure why but the traffic had been crazy this morning. As I took a peak out the window while having my shower, I was surprised. The traffic led all the way down Bukit Pantai, and the start of the queue was way up the hill.

There may have been an accident somewhere further down and it did not look good. I waited for half an hour and it did not get any better. So, I decided to get some work done while waiting. Luckily I don’t have any clinics this morning. It was all ward stuff.

Fingers crossed, hopefully things would improve soon ...

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Back to Business

Things were slowly picking up after almost the whole of KL stood still following a super-long weekend post-election. The road were pretty empty in the morning and I did not have to make any school runs. On the domestic front, my father-in-law had also been discharged.

Anita had been busy sorting him out in Gombak and she was clearly tired in the evening. I had taken a couple of days off to celebrate the start of Ramadhan, although I still do my morning rounds.

I had some paperwork to complete during those days off, rounding off my stuff for the MSH Meeting. I also had to do some shopping and sorting out the bills. I wouldn’t mind doing some shopping for Raya as well while I was at that!

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Day Minus 1

I have just finished my clinic this morning and half of the patients on the list did not turn up. I am pretty sure it had a lot to do with the election tomorrow.

The road heading to work this morning was practically empty, and the hospital lobby was also rather quiet.

There would be more shenanigans tonight with the parties trying to pull last minute fence-sitter to vote their way. There would be a national address by Najib while at the same time, Tun M would be blazing the net. I hope that there would not be any blocking of the bandwidth - I already had VPN installed just in case!

It will be a fun day tomorrow hopefully and I am praying that there would be peace.

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