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This happened on the evening I was due to travel to Port Dickson last month. I planned to drive my in-law's car anyway but would have to drive back to the apartment to swap.

I left the hospital late since we had a GST briefing that evening. After a quick dinner, I set off to the car. Luckily, I had a quick look around and spotted the left rear puncture. Luckily one of my colleague drove me back to the apartment and I was able to drive from there to PD after a quick shower. The plan was to sort the car out on my return after a couple of days.

A nice dentFound the nailBut no bolt to fix the spare ...After finishing my clinic on my return, I called in a local garage and they sent a couple of mechanic in. But we found out that the screws needed to bolt up the spare tyres were missing. And a replacement was not available at the shop as well. So, the mechanic had to bring the tyre back to the shop while my car was on a jack, got it patched up and returned.

The culprit? A long nail lodged into the tyre. It was a long sharp one, so patching was easy. That should buy me time before getting a replacement. I wonder where I got the nails from?

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