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El Capitan!

Apple makes major update to their main Operating System every year, and for the past few years, it came as a free update. It didn't use to be so before.

When Leopard was introduced, I remembered having a meet-up at an Apple shop in Great Eastern Mall when it was released. Since it was released at midnight an San Francisco, the shop were only able to hand the disc - yes, disc - to us at around 3 pm Malaysia time. And there was a group of about 20 of us turned up, having a quick drink and snack which the shop provided.

It used to be a big thing since Apple and Mac was not mainstream back then. That didn't stop me from staying up to watch the Apple keynote, something that Anita was wondering about until years later she learned who Steve Jobs was.

Time have moved on. Even the shop at Great Eastern Mall has since closed - although a new dealer came in recently. Nowadays, the OS is free and one just downloaded it through broadband.

6Gb was the size of the file and since today was the first day of the release of El Capitan, the server had been really slow. I left the download on when I left for work this morning and when I reached home, only 1.2 Gb was on my disc. It would probably be tomorrow morning before I would be ready for the install. Hopefully it would be worth the wait!

And we are good!

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